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Hi, my name is Joseph (Dong-hee) Lee and this site represents my personal brand and services. For most of my professional career I’ve primarily had one role — Designer. But, I enjoy a diverse life. I have many interests and various specialties. My biggest project has always been designing my own life.

Design for products, services, and brands.

Design run goals for groups and individuals.

Design food with a Seoulful twist.


I am a Designer.

Contact me and let’s do something great together!



Creative/Art Direction, Software Design (Product, UX, UI), Brand, Websites, Collateral, Books, Magazines, Marketing, Digital, General Graphic Design


Certified Run Coach: Corporate, group, private services available

lululemon Legacy Ambassador — Run Coach

Run Club leader


Korean food products and services — traditional tastes with a modern twist. Nyam Nyam yummy!


More info coming soon!