I am a huge proponent of introducing people to running and the benefits of making it a part of their lives. Whether it’s to just do a casual daily walk/run, run two- or three-miles a few days per week, or engage in a dedicated training program for a particular race. One of my aspirations is to help new people run so that it’s less stressful, less painful, and more enjoyable. For others, I help satisfy bucket-list goals to complete their first 5K or marathon. And some runners just need help becoming more efficient, less prone to injury, or improving their race performances.


Why run?

There are thousands of studies and resources that highlights the benefits of running as an exercise. Some make extreme claims, but the most common benefits and advantages cited often are the following.


Benefits of running:

  • Health benefits and results come quicker than many other forms of activities
  • Positive mood changes — runner’s high is a thing!
  • Better quality of sleep and more stamina
  • Enhances and increases mobility
  • Promotes living a healthier lifestyle
  • Appreciation of nature and awareness of your surroundings
  • Requires minimal equipment to participate
  • Can be done almost anywhere (no pool needed)

The first step is just showing up! Let me help with steps two, three, four, five….

Group Running for Companies & Organizations

Running as a group at work or an organization builds amazing connections between employees. Imagine: your entry-level techs, seasoned HR folks, senior Sales people, CFO, and cafeteria staff all running together. Their bond is fortified on a gray, damp, cold, group run when they look at each other, smile, and know they didn’t skip today, but showed up and did it… together!

They are team building through sweat, physical adversity, and supporting each other towards one goal — to be better. As a result, making connections and their organization stronger and more cohesive; transforming a complacent workforce around to be more enthusiastic, energetic, positive, and with a “Yes, we can do it — and DID!” attitude.


Some group-running & work-related benefits:

  • Creates community, camaraderie, and connection
  • Group participation has greater sticking power over solo wellness program activities
  • Incentive to get people to come into the office or on campus
  • Being accountable to yourself, friends, coworkers, or team
  • Develops resilience, toughness, and completing goals becomes habitual
  • Better able to withstand daily work stresses with a healthy outlet
  • Less absentee sick days and more energy overall
  • Often more attentive and constructive at problem-solving
  • Generally more positive outlook and attitude

Run Coaching Services

Run Clinic — Beginner Series

Continuous 5-week series for groups of 10 or less.*

5-week series introduction to running for a lifetime. Have you ever said: “I’m not a ‘real’ runner.” “I can’t run that fast.” “No way I’m joining a run club, I’ll embarrass myself!” Running can be difficult because as easy as it is to put on a pair of sneakers and go out to run, proper form, clothing, and safety procedures, are unknown to many.

Through weekly drills, tips, techniques, and demonstrations, you’ll learn how to run with less stress and strain, greater efficiency, and yes — more fun! By the end of this multi-week series, you will consider yourself a “runner.” You’ll be more confident in your stride, understand how to evaluate your progress, be more knowledgeable in the sport (including safety and equipment), and definitely more empowered buying your next pair of running sneakers.


The Beginner Series teaches:

  • Form tips and techniques
  • Different running styles, how and when to apply them
  • How to minimize chance of injury and how to bounce back
  • Run safety and how to run on the road, day or night
  • Running jargon and proper etiquette
  • Equipment and clothing to run your safest and best
  • Demystify the plethora of running shoes


Participant discounts to any Gray Matter running event.

*10 athletes or less is the ideal amount, but accommodations can be made for larger groups.

Group Run Coaching

Looking to enter a team for a road race, need a group activity for team building, corporate event or retreat, improvement to your insurance wellness programs, or fulfill a bucket-list with friends? I provide group training and run guidance to help your team become healthier, more energetic, and ultimately achieve goals!


Services includes:

  • On-boarding questionnaires
  • Customized training program for the group
  • Weekly evaluations and check-ins
  • Adjustments to customized program as needed on a weekly basis
  • Dynamic warm up and cool down routines
  • Form tips and techniques to maximize effort and reduce chance of injury


Participant discounts to any Gray Matter running event.

If your group has participants who have not run before, please consider the Run Clinic first.

Private Run Coaching

Trying to reach a personal goal: your first 5K, a better 10K, half-marathon time, completing your first marathon, or just wanting to be a better, more efficient runner? I provide Private Run Coaching services for those that want individualized attention or don’t feel comfortable running with others. All coaching is absolutely personalized to just you and your particular needs — no cookie cutter generic run programs here. 


Services includes:

  • On-boarding questionnaire
  • Individual and customized training program
  • Weekly evaluations and check-ins
  • Adjustments to customized program as needed on a weekly basis
  • Dynamic warm up and cool down routines
  • Form tips and techniques to maximize effort and reduce chance of injury


Participant discounts to any Gray Matter running event.


“Joe is terrific. I found his step by step (😀) coaching practical, informative, and easy to implement. I highly recommend Joe if you are seeking to improve your technique or performance. I find I run with more ease and comfort. I highly recommend Joe.”

— Fran B.


“What a fantastic experience. I learned so much from Joe Lee’s coaching of our running group. His knowledge and insights about running technique, maximizing efficiency, and avoiding injury were invaluable — one gem after another — dispensed in small doses so that you don’t try to make too many changes at once. And, so you actually remember the techniques from week to week. His teaching style is very approachable — you feel as though he’s truly rooting for you to improve — and that makes the process so much less intimidating. What impressed me most perhaps was how well and easily Joe manages coaching a group of runners of varying levels of experience and fitness, meeting everyone’s needs and leaving everyone feeling happy and with valuable tools to apply to their own running style. I learned a lot from Joe in a short time and feel his coaching has helped me improve both my form as well as how much I enjoy running. Highly recommend!”

— Kathleen C.


“I began running at the start of the year and set a goal to run my first half marathon. After a few months of running solo, I knew I needed help beyond a static running plan. I began training with Dong-Hee as a remote coach in late April and ran the SF Half Marathon in July, beating my expectations. Dong-Hee worked with me and my schedule — sharing weekly goals and guidance focused on increasing my time on feet while keeping it fun. His flexible approach and big picture mentality helped me build my base, my ability, and my mind as a runner.”

— Matt St. G.


“Five Star! After an injury I was nervous about getting back out for long runs. Working with Joe built my confidence. I learned about my form, and good warm up and cool down stretches. I have more of an awareness of what my body’s feeling and telling me.”

— Joanne O.

Running is both the easiest thing to do, and also the hardest thing to do.

Joseph is a certified Road Runners Club of America Run Coach, lululemon Legacy Ambassador, avid runner, and run club leader. Unlike many coaches with old college track and racing stories, Joe isn’t a natural runner. This is what makes him a unique coach — he’s been there.

It hasn’t always been easy… or fun. From struggling to run a few miles daily to breaking through to marathons, he has found a love for running and is obsessed with the art and science of it all. His trademark quote, “Running is both the easiest thing to do, and also the hardest thing to do.”

His aim is always to get new people introduced to running, and help more experienced runners achieve their goals. With his coaching, guidance, and tips, he helps everyone to keep moving and stay motivated by making running easier and less stressful, more efficient, and yes — enjoyable!


Road Runners Club of America certified Run Coach

lululemon Legacy Ambassador — Run Coach

Training partner for Gray Matter (client discounts to races)

Insured & First Aid/CPR Certified

Contact me and let’s achieve some great goals together!

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